Our Vision

That we may be drawn closer to God and inspired to excellence.

Adopted August 2020



Te Whakakitenga

Kia whakatata atu tātou ki Te Atua me te oho anō ki tōna hira.

Our Mission

We are a community of faith and learning, who celebrate the whole child and equip them to; honour God, love learning, serve others and fulfill their potential in Christ. 

Adopted June 2020

To Tatou Miihana

He hapori whakapono tātou, he hapori ako tahi hoki, ka whakanuia te katoa o ia tamaiti, Ā, ka whakapakarihia ia kia whakahōnoretia te Atua, kia ngākaunui ki te ako,  kia āwhina i tangata kē atu, heoi kia eke tonu ki ngā taumata e tika ana mōna, i roto i te korōriatanga o te Atua. 

Our Values

Strength, Empathy, Respect, Vision, Endurance (S.E.R.V.E)

Adopted June 2019



O Tatou Uara

Kaha, Aroha, Whakarangatira, Tūruapō, Manawa Piharau

Picture Above: Some of our Years 5 through 8 students enjoying "Beach Education" February 2020

Why Parents Choose KingsGate

"My son comes home and acts out the knowledge he has gained and his spiritual formation is nurtured and affirmed by the staff and the other children." 

"My daughter comes home and teaches me Te reo Maori songs and words and Christian songs too. I love learning with her!" 

Colbie, our Years 5 and 6 Speech Winner. July 2020

"Its Christian values are clearly visible in their curriculum and all communications. We see our child growing more with God through their presence at KingsGate" 

"My son came home and told me how much he loves his new school because his teachers and the children are kind." 

Tyla, our Years 7 and 8 Speech Winner. July 2020

"Our girls take personal ownership of the SERVE values. KingsGate is concerned about shaping their character as well as their academic success." 

"The curriculum is taught to the highest standards and they use Biblical examples to teach the children the fruits of the spirit." 

Johan receives the Principals Award, 2019.

Our Future

Dear Friends

Christmas Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


We write with exciting news about the future of KingsGate School.


You will be aware that since the Kingsway Trust accepted the responsibility from the Franklin Christian Education Trust to provide for the future accommodation of KingsGate School students and staff in 2016, significant work and investment has been happening to secure a permanent future home for the school. You will know that we have purchased 8.8ha of land at 58 Blake Rd, Pukekohe and worked our way through the consenting process to now have the necessary permissions to plant the school and grow young people in the knowledge and love of God and His creation on this site.


We are pleased to advise that the Ministry of Education has now approved both a change of site for the school from Victoria St to Blake Rd, and a maximum roll increase for the school, staged over the next few years as growth occurs, to a new maximum of 450 students. The percentage of enrolments that must have a connection to the special character of the school remains at 95%. Their advice also acknowledged the long-standing application from us to provide education from Y1 – 13 for KingsGate School students and the pathway that we all pray for. We have an undertaking from the Auckland office that this work will be advanced in early 2021 and are heartened by this also.


We are thankful also to our funding providers that the necessary finance has also been approved that will allow the development of all of our building platforms, carparks and playing fields on the site, together with the Stage 1 buildings of classrooms to accommodate up to 300 students. Significant infrastructure improvements and the re-alignment of Blake Rd, provision of footpaths and storm-water improvements are all part of this process. We expect to formally sign construction contracts for both Civil and Building works prior to Christmas, with preferred suppliers well advanced in their preparations.


Principal Jared Stein and his staff have had significant input into the design of the new teaching environments and are excited by the prospect of new surroundings in 2022. The Board and Staff have committed the next 12 months to being as well prepared as they can possibly be to deliver the NZ Curriculum imbued with our special character to the best of their ability in 2022.


Work on the site is expected to commence now in early January 2021. We will be arranging a ceremony to pray for God’s blessing on the site, the works to be completed and the future learners that will attend this school at the same time and will advise you of these details as soon as they are confirmed. These are exciting days to be a member of the KingsGate school community. We are mindful that we continue in the footsteps of faithful pioneers who for many years have believed for this day in faith, who have sacrificed personally, fasting and praying for God’s blessing on this vision. In honouring them, we also look to the current community to now partner with the Trust to contribute to that vision in whatever way your resources will allow, to ensure the best possible outcome for this project.

Thank you for your on-going interest in, and support of, KingsGate School.

Yours sincerely,


Warren Peat

22nd  December 2020

Graduate Profile

Unlike a mission or vision statement, a graduate profile for us is an illustration that we use to specify the spiritual, cognitive, personal, and interpersonal competencies that students should have when they graduate. 


The KingsGate graduate profile was co-created with input from key stakeholders and provides a clear visualization of priority goals for teaching and learning. The graduate profile is easily communicated to students, parents, staff and board of trustees and can be used to align our collective efforts.



Teacher Profile

Being a teacher at KingsGate School is a privilege and an honour. KingsGate School teachers are charged with providing a unique education for our students.  Teachers deliver the New Zealand Curriculum through a Biblical world-view framework whereby all teaching and learning strategies are found within the teaching of Christ our Lord.  They approach each child’s learning journey holistically ensuring that they provide an environment where their students emotional, academic and spiritual needs are met to the fullest extent possible. It takes a special person to be a KingsGate School teacher and as such we choose teachers who actively display the traits in the KingsGate School Teacher profile illustration.