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What is KingsGate School all about?

Great question! KingsGate School is about one thing: honouring God. Staff, students, and parents all embrace this shared belief and it is reflected in our actions towards one another, the words we share with one another, and of the highest importance, the personal relationship we each have with our Lord and Saviour.

What do you strive for at KingsGate School?

We strive for excellence. Honouring God for each of us at KingsGate is therefore about being the best version of ourselves that we possibly can be, and this means that we constantly strive for excellence. We know that God expects this of us, and to a person, we understand that an offering of second-best at KingsGate is never acceptable, no matter the task or situation (Malachi 1:6-14). We are here to honour God and he demands our best, first time, every time.

So are KingsGate staff and students better than everybody else?

Our staff and students are instilled with the knowledge that being the best versions of ourselves for God doesn’t make us better than anyone else but rather leads each of us to a deeper understanding and personal experience of Philippians 2:3-4 “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.” Serving one another so that we may develop and equip each other on our respective journeys with Christ is fundamental to our collective identity at KingsGate School.

How does KingsGate School get the best out of its students and staff?

We acknowledge that every student and staff member has been given resources according to their skills and abilities, but that these resources ultimately belong to God (Matthew 25:14-30). Eventually, we will all have to answer to Him as to how we invested our resources during our time in this world, so it is this acknowledgment that has been the start of our curriculum re-design. Our vision is to create a true strengths-based curriculum where both our students and teachers God-gifted strengths and talents are identified, fostered, and utilized so that each one of us may become the person that God truly designed us to be.

So, KingsGate staff and students are encouraged to do their best as a service to one another then?

Yes, absolutely. The vision of being the best version of ourselves and giving the best to God, first time, every time is not corrupted by this world’s desire for covetous competition, or the need to work for material rewards. Rather we actively seek to develop strengths and talents within our school population, understanding that iron sharpens iron and friends sharpen the minds of each other (Proverbs 27:17). As a General ensures his or her soldiers are sent into battle with sharp swords so we at KingsGate honour God by ensuring our students are sent out into this world, tested, with the armour of God firmly affixed to their body and faith in the victory of Christ.

Okay, so what is it that you actually teach at KingsGate School?

I'm pleased you asked. As a state-integrated school we use the New Zealand Curriculum document to help navigate our students through their learning like the majority of most New Zealand Schools. However, we are blessed to be able to weave our Christian worldview throughout all instruction, facilitation and guidance we provide our students as they learn and live with us. At KingsGate School 5 documents form the foundation of how we prepare our learners to be confident, knowledgeable and active 21st-century participants. These are the New Zealand Curriculum, the KingsGate School Local Curriculum and the Kingsway Trust documents named Special Character Guidelines, Theological Framework and Statement of Faith respectively.

Finance Questions and Answers

 Remind me, KingsGate School is a State-Integrated School. What does that mean?

We are similar to a state school but at the same time, uniquely different. Just over 10% of students are enrolled in state-integrated schools across New Zealand. State-integrated schools are schools with a ‘special character’. This means they may be run by a particular religious faith, or use specialist education methods, like Steiner and Montessori schools. Education in state-integrated schools is funded by the government, just like a state school. However, in most state-integrated schools, a private entity known as the ‘proprietor’, owns the school buildings and land and is responsible for ensuring the buildings meet Ministry standards. To do this, they will charge what is known as ‘attendance dues’ — to help maintain their facilities and provide resources that reflect their special character.

How much are KingsGate School's attendance dues set at then?

KingsGate School's attendance dues are currently $1950 per year. These can be paid annually, quarterly, monthly, fortnightly or weekly to suit your needs.

I see that you request a Special Character donation of $460 per year as well. Why so?

As a State-Integrated school the government do not pay for any of our Christian character resources that the children use in the classroom. Although any amount is welcome, $460 over 12 months is preferred and is simply included in your Direct Debit amount if you choose to pay.

 Interesting. So who are KingsGate School's proprietor?

NZCPT are our proprietors. That's the New Zealand Christian Proprietors Trust.

Enrolment Question and Answers

Great, so can any child attend KingsGate School?

Because our special character is that of a Christian school, the Ministry of Education places specific requirements upon us. One of these requirements is that 95% of our students have to be pupils of parents or caregivers that have "preference of enrolment" at KingsGate School. The remaining 5% of our students can then be students of parents who do not fall into the preference of enrolment category.

How do I know if my child has "preference of enrolment"?

Part 26 of Schedule 6 of the Education and Training Act 2020 states the following.

Preference of Enrolment

"The children of parents who have a particular or general philosophical or religious connection with a State integrated school must be preferred to other children for enrolment at the school."

How do I know, as parents of a student with preference of enrolment, if we have a particular or general connection to the school?

The school Deed of Integration states the following

Preference of Enrolment at the school shall be given only to those children whose parent(s)/guardian(s), in the proprietor's opinion, have established a particular connection with the school through membership of, or affiliation with, evangelical Christian churches having a Biblical basis of faith consistent with the Statement of Special Character or a general connection with the school through a demonstrated acceptance of the Statement of Special Character.

What is the School's Special Character Statement?

The School's Special Character Statement is contained within its Deed of Integration and is as follows:

"The school is a Christian School in which the whole school community, through the general school programme and in its religious instructions and observances, exercises the right to live and teach the values of Jesus Christ. These values are expressed in the Scriptures and in the practices, worship and doctrine of the Evangelical Christian Church as determined by the Proprietor [NZCPT]" .

Are there any restrictions on students who have preference of enrolment?

Great question. The only restriction that KingsGate School has on the number of students that have preference of enrolment is the roll cap that the Ministry of Education places on the school.

A roll cap is the maximum number of students that a school is allowed at their location. When the school reaches this roll cap, we can no longer accept students who have preference of enrolment or enrolments from other students who do not fit this category.

However, parents will be offered the opportunity to place their child on a waiting list. The waiting list for those with preference of enrolment will take priority over the waiting list for students who do not fall into the preference of enrolment category.

I think that as parents, we do not meet the preference of enrolment criteria for our child. How can I be sure?

Again, we would need to ask you some questions, such as...

1. Do one or both of the student’s parents or caregivers not hold and adhere to the same Christian faith outlined in the School Statement of Faith?

2. Are one or both parents or caregivers not willing to sign the Statement of Faith Declaration?

If you answered "yes" to these questions then it is likely that your child will not fall into the preference of enrolment category.

If your child is enrolled with us but does not fall into our preference of enrolment category, parents must understand that the following.


Schedule 6, Part 27 of the Education and Training Act

"By enrolling a student at a State integrated school, a parent is taken to have accepted as a condition of enrolment that the student is to participate in the general school programme that gives the school its special character."

Are there restrictions on students who do not fit the preference of enrolment category?

Parents or caregivers of students who do not have preference of enrolment must understand that their child will only be able to enroll if places remain after all students that do have preference of enrolment have been accepted.

The maximum number of places available for students who do not have preference of enrolment is governed by the maximum allowable under the School’s Integration Agreement.

Is there a priority list for the enrolment of students who do not have preference of enrolment?

Excellent question. Priority will be given in the following order:

1. Year zero or one siblings of non-preferential students currently enrolled.

2. Year zero or one siblings of former non-preferential students.

3. Non-preferential students who have come from schools who share the same or similar methods of learning as KingsGate.

4. Non-preferential students who have come from other Christian character schools.

5. Other non-preferential students.

All unsuccessful applicants may choose to have their names placed on a waiting list. The waiting list will be kept within relevant priority categories, and ranked in order. Students on the waiting list may be offered places at a later date if they become available. The waiting list will remain current until the beginning of the next enrolment intake.