Who We Are

A CHRISTIAN SCHOOL: The School is a Christian School in which the whole School community through the general School programme, and in its religious instructions and observances, exercises the right to live and teach the values of Jesus Christ. These values are expressed in the Scriptures and in the practices, worship and doctrine of the Evangelical Christian Church, as determined from time to time by the Proprietor (From the Deed of Integration)

PARENTS ARE WELCOMED: We believe that a school functions best where parents are given the opportunity to be a part of the total programme, involved in any area where they feel they can offer assistance. 


FAMILY ORIENTATED: KingsGate is a family oriented school. We emphasize maximum involvement between the child’s home, the school and the community. As in a good home, the school aims for a friendly and happy atmosphere with firm and consistent discipline.





PRAYER IS A PRIORITY: The need for prayer is vital. Each morning teachers gather for focused prayer for the school and its families.Parents and friends of the school join the school’s weekly prayer meetings on Friday mornings in the staff room.

A HOLISTIC EDUCATION: The school focuses on providing "...an holistic education, addressing the spiritual, cultural, social, emotional, physical and academic needs of each student. Such education must be relevant to the time and situation in which we live and also provide students with avenues of service in the community. This will equip students to live in the world, while remaining true to the core Christian beliefs and values" 

WE VALUE DIVERSITY: As is true for the wider Pukekohe community, KingsGate School enjoys a rich cultural diversity among its families. The school focuses on the value God places on all people, as well as the context in which He places them.