Year 9 Information

This page will be kept up to date with all information concerning the development of our inaugural Year 9 class in 2023. If you have any questions, at any stage, please email them to Our principal will then add them to the Q&A section of this page. 


We are please to announce the release of our Year 9 curriculum for 2023. You can view it by clicking this link or by downloading it below.

Confirmed Year 9 Curriculum 2023 - Kings
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Questions and Answers

What is a change of classification? Classification refers to whether a school is a primary, secondary, intermediate or composite school. A change of classification is when a school changes from one of these to another. The Ministry of Education has permitted us to begin our journey into Secondary Education by starting our Year 9 class next year and sequentially building upon this every successive year until we reach Year 13.

(Posted 14.08.22)


What type of school do we become if we're not a full primary anymore? Next year we will become a composite school. That means we will be a school that offers some combination of primary, intermediate, and secondary education. When we have our first Year 13 class, we will become an area school. An area school offers primary, intermediate, and secondary education in one location.

(Posted 14.08.22)


Who is KingsGate using to help guide and learn from as they move from a full-primary school  a composite school? We are working closely with Hasting Christian School, Cornerstone Christian School in Palmerston North and Hamilton Christian School. We also have the experiences and lessons from Kingsway School and Horizon School within our own Kingsway Trust Network. 

(Posted 15.08.22)

The Latest Year Notice

KingsGate School Year 9 Update 8.12.22
KingsGate School Year 9 Update 08.12.22.
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