The Application Process

Thank You & Welcome

Thank you for your interest in enrolling your child at KingsGate School. We trust that you will find the enrolment process easy and engaging. Please read the information below carefully as it explains the steps you must take to enrol your child at KingsGate School. 

Important Note: 

1. Attendance Dues: KingsGate School is a state-integrated school. This means that there is a requirement for families of students attending KingsGate to pay attendance dues to NZCPT, the school's proprietor. The attendance dues are currently $1,950 per year for each child. 

2. Special Character Donation: As a State-Integrated school the government do not pay for any of our Christian character resources that the children use in the classroom. We would encourage you. where your financial situation allows you, to make a donation to NZCPT so that our school has access to quality Christian resources. Although any amount is welcome it is suggested that $460 over months is preferred. This is simply included in your Direct Debit amount if you feel that you are able to make the donation. 

Step A - Knowing Who We Are

Ensure you have read all the enrolment information on this website to fully understand the  application and enrolment process as well as the education that KingsGate can offer your child.

Step B - Application for Acceptance

1. Fill out the online “Application for Attendance” form on the school's website. Do not leave any section incomplete, as this could result in your application being returned to you and delaying the enrolment process. This form is also available from the school office.


2. Download the NZCPT forms. These form are downloadable by clicking on the links below. They are also available from the school office. Please read them thoroughly. Ensure you fill in the required information.  Failure to complete this form or providing incorrect information could result in your application being returned to you and delaying enrollment. These forms must be uploaded with your online application and the original must be brought to the interview. 


Note: The Student Medical Form may be completed as part of your child's application or upon your child's formal enrolment. 

Step C - The Interview

1. Our office manager will contact you to arrange a suitable time for an interview. At least one parent named in the “Application for Attendance” must attend the interview. However, we recommend that all those listed in the “Application for Attendance” participate in the interview, including the child. We do appreciate that this may not always be practical.


2. At the interview, the Principal will explain to you the school’s special character and the role of  NZCPT as KingsGate School’s proprietor. The Deputy Principal will engage you in questions relating to particular known or potential needs of your child.


3. Ensure you bring the completed NZCPT forms to the interview as banks will only action original documents, not photocopied. Not having this document with you will delay the enrolment process. 

Step D  - Completing Enrolment

 1. If you decide to accept a provisional placement at Kingsgate, you will be required to pay a " term in advance payment"  which is required to cover your child's first term at KingsGate School. This cost is presently $473.75

Please process a direct credit payment to...

New Zealand Christian Proprietors Trust

ASB bank account 12-3107-0061704-05

Use your child's surname and first name as a reference and write the date this transfer was made.


2.Upon confirmation from NZCPT that you have met all initial financial obligations, and the Student Medical Form has been completed,  Mrs Woodham, the KingsGate School Office Manager will contact you with a confirmed start date for your child.


3. If your child is a new entrant, Mrs Woodham will also confirm with you dates for school visits before your child’s official start date.