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What is a state-integrated school?

KingsGate School is a state-integrated school. “State-integrated” may be a term that is unfamiliar to you. However, you must understand its significance before your child or children enrol with us. 


We are similar to a state school but at the same time, uniquely different. Just over 10% of students are enrolled in state-integrated schools across New Zealand. State-integrated schools are schools with a ‘special character’. This means they may be run by a particular religious faith, or use specialist education methods, like Steiner and Montessori schools. Education in state-integrated schools is funded by the government, just like a state school. However, in most state-integrated schools, a private entity known as the ‘proprietor’, owns the school buildings and land and is responsible for ensuring the buildings meet Ministry standards. To do this, they will charge what is known as ‘attendance dues’ — to help maintain their facilities and provide resources that reflect their special character.  KingsGate School's attendance dues are currently $1950 per year.


KingsGate School is in this category. We are a non-denominational state-integrated Christian School. (Non-denominational simply means that we are not affiliated to or run by one particular Christian church.) Kingsway Trust is our proprietor, and we are blessed to be part of the Kingsway Trust Network of Schools, which includes Kingsway School, Jireh Christian School and Horizon School. 

What do we teach?

As a state-integrated school we use the New Zealand Curriculum document to help navigate our students through their learning like the majority of most New Zealand Schools. However, we are blessed to be able to weave our Christian worldview throughout all instruction, facilitation and guidance we provide our students as they learn and live with us. At KingsGate School 6 documents form the foundation of how we prepare our learners to be confident, knowledgeable and active 21st-century participants.  They are listed below.

Who can attend KingsGate School?

Because our special character is that of a Christian school, the Ministry of Education places specific requirements upon us. One of these requirements is that 95% of our roll cap have to come from Christian families.  A “roll cap” is the total amount of pupils the Ministry of Education can say we can have on our site. These students are called “preferential” students because of their family’s Christian belief, and their faith in the Holy Trinity matches that of our schools. However, this does mean that 5% of our students can come from families that do not share the same Christian beliefs as those described in our Statement of Faith. These students are called “non-preferential” students. 

Preferential or Non-Preferential Enrolment?

The following are criteria you need to use to determine if your child will be classed as preferential or non-preferential.

Preferential Students

Do both parents or caregivers of the student adhere to and practice the same Christian Faith as outlined in the School’s Statement of Faith? Are both parents or caregivers willing to attest to that faith by signing the Statement of Faith declaration? Can a pastor or recognised church elder  provide a letter of confirmation that Church attendance is a significant way you both practice your faith? If you've answered "yes" to these questions it is likely that your child will be considered a preferential student upon enrolment. 


Restrictions on Preferential Students

The only restriction that KingsGate School has on the number of preferential students they can accommodate is the roll cap that the Ministry of Education places on the school. When the school reaches this roll cap, we can no longer accept preferential or non-preferential students' enrolment. However, parents will be offered the opportunity to place their child on a waiting list. The waiting list for preferential students takes priority over the non-preferential student waiting list.  

Non-Preferential Students

Do one or both of the student’s parents or caregivers not hold and adhere to the same Christian faith as outlined in the School Statement of Faith? Are one or both parents or caregivers not willing to sign the Statement of Faith Declaration? If you answered  "yes" to these questions then it is likely that your child will be considered  a non-preferential student upon enrolment. Parents or caregivers of non-preferential students must understand that it is the Statement of Faith which influences all teaching and management at KingsGate School.  They also agree that upon confirmation of their child's non-preferential enrolment at KingsGate that they accept and understand that their child will be taught the New Zealand Curriculum through a Christian world view.

Restrictions on Non-Preferential Enrolments

Parents or caregivers of non-preferential students need to understand that their child will only be able to enrol if placements remain after all preference applicants have been enrolled. The maximum number of places available for non-preference students will be governed by the maximum allowable under the School’s Integration Agreement. On our present site on Victoria Street this is 160 students, which means that currently we are allowed 8 non-preferential students. This figure will rise slightly as we move to our new site in 2022 as our roll cap is extended.  In this grouping priority will be given in the following order:

  • Year zero or one siblings of non-preferential students currently enrolled.
  • Year zero or one siblings of former non-preferential students.
  • Non-preferential students  who have come from schools who share the same or similar methods of learning as KingsGate.
  • Non-preferential students who have come from other Christian character schools. 
  • Other non-preferential student.


All unsuccessful applicants may choose to have their names placed on a waiting list. The waiting list will be kept within relevant priority categories, and ranked in order. Students on the waiting list may be offered places at a later date if they become available. The waiting list will remain current until the beginning of the next enrolment intake.