School Information

School Hours: 8:40am to 2:30pm Monday to Friday

Current Location

New Entrant Cohort Entry

Term 1: 2nd February and 14th March

Term 2: 2nd May and 8th June

Term 3: 25th July and 29th August

Term 4: 17th October and 21st November


KingsWay Trust

The KingsWay Trust, founded on 2 December 1986, is an experienced and entrepreneurial trust committed to providing Christian education within the greater Auckland region. It owns and manages school land and building assets – and leverages this to grow its Christian schools.

Latest ERO Report

2019 KingsGate School ERO Report
2019 KGS ERO report.pdf
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Location of the new build

2022 Term Dates

Term 1: 2nd February to 14th April

Term 2:  2nd May to 8th July

Term 3:  25th July to 30th September

Term 4: 17th October to 15th December


NZCPT partners with local communities throughout New Zealand to expand the provision of quality state-integrated Christian schooling.

Attendance Dues are used by the Proprietor for property related costs including school building works, buildings insurance and costs directly associated with the administration of attendance dues.


Latest Annual Report

2021 Annual Report for KingsGate School
Annual Report 2021 Signed.pdf
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