How to Read End of Year Student Reports

After feedback on the Mid-Year reports and consequently looking at a number of best practice examples from the Ministry of Education we have developed a more comprehensive report template that will serve us all more effectively now and into the future. It is not difficult in nature to read but it's important that we communicate with you just what is being expressed in some of the more notable changes within the reports, so please read on.


The report acknowledges progress in READING, WRITING, MATH, HEALTH & PE, THE ARTS, AND TOPIC/INQUIRY.


If your child has been at KingsGate School over 6 months you will see 3 lines on their report for each of the above subjects. The below are examples of this.

  • Red Line - This identifies the end of year target for each year level.
  • Green Line - This line shows you your child's mid-year achievement
  • Gold Line - This line shows you your child's end of year progress.
  • The Red line and Gold line are split in half - This tells you that your child has met their end of year target (this means they have fully covered that curriculum stage) but have not yet moved into the next stage.
  • The Green line and Gold line are split in half -This tells you that your child is still working at the same stage of the curriculum. It's important to note that your child in all likelihood has made progress within that stage.

  • BEGINNING A CURRICULUM LEVEL: You can see that in each curriculum level the students are able to spend 1 full year at the begging stage (highlighted pink) as they learn what being at that level means and start to learn the skills required of it. 
  • COMPLETING A CURRICULUM LEVEL: When a child enters their second year at a curriculum level it is expected that they will achieve at an accelerated rate after their consolidation in the beginning stage. This is why both the proficient and advanced stages are together (shaded purple).

In the subject of math, you will also be able to visually see your child's progress in..

  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Ratios and Proportions

The illustration below is an example of how this part of the report will look.

How we Assess Christian Character and the Key Competencies

The report acknowledges development in CHRISTIAN CHARACTER and THE NZ CURRICULUM KEY COMPETENCIES. In both these your child will be considered at a NOVICE, APPRENTICE, PRACTITIONER or EXPERT level as shown below.

  • A NOVICE is just beginning their journey. They are learning a new skill or behavior and need practice.
  • An APPRENTICE is moving forward in their journey. They are starting to understand and are accomplishing skills or behaviors correctly most of the time.
  • A PRACTITIONER has reached their target. They have met the goal or standard for a particular behavior or skill.
  • An EXPERT is going above and beyond their journey They have accomplished more than expected in various skills and behaviors.

The Christian character development is based upon our school's motto of " To know, To Love, To Serve" as these are foundational values of our school. You child's level will be shown accordingly.

Below is simply a snippet of how the Curriculum Key Competencies will appear using the  novice, apprentice, practitioner, or expert levels.

The report still contains teacher comments and next steps for your child's learning.

It would be a great idea to have this document with you as read your child's report which is due out on the Friday the 30th of November.  If you have any questions in the mean time please contact your child's teacher. 


Kind regards from the teaching staff of KingsGate School.

How to Read Student Reports
Information on changes to student reports and how to read and interpret them.
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