Principal Reporting to the Board Policy


Adopted 17th June 2019

Reviewed June 2022

The next review date is June 2025


Policy Statement

The Principal reports to the BOT as a whole and keeps it informed of the true and accurate position of the outcomes of curriculum; teaching and learning; financial position; and all matters having real or potential legal considerations and risk for the school. Thus the BOT is supported in its strategic decision-making and risk management by also requiring the Principal to submit any monitoring data required in a timely, accurate and understandable fashion.



The Principal must ensure that they:

1. Inform the BOT of significant trends, implications of BOT decisions, issues arising from policy matters or changes in the basic assumptions upon which the BOT’s strategic aims are based.

2. Submit written reports covering the following management areas for each BOT meeting:

3. Principal’s management report, including:

Strategic Aim Report

Personnel Report

Finance Report

Variance reporting against NAGS and,

4. The coordination and approval of the following reports:

Student Progress and Achievement Report

Curriculum Report

5. Inform the BOT in a timely manner of any significant changes in staffing, programmes, plans or processes that are under consideration.

6. Submit any monitoring data required in a timely, accurate and understandable fashion.

7. Report and explain financial variances against the budget in line with the BOT’s expectations.

8. Report on the number of stand-downs, suspensions, exclusions and expulsions on a per meeting basis.

9. Report and explain roll variance against year levels and reasons on a per meeting basis.

10. Present information in a suitable form – not too complex or lengthy.

11. Inform the BOT when, for any reason, there is non-compliance of a BOT policy.

12. Highlight areas of possible bad publicity or community dis-satisfaction.

13. Coordinate management/staff reports to the BOT and present to the BOT under the Principal’s authority.

14. Regularly report on the implementation of the annual plan and progress towards meeting student achievement targets.

15. Report on any matter requested by the BOT and within the specified timeframe.

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