Assessment and Achievement


Adopted 17th June 2019

Reviewed November 2021

Reveiwed April 2023

Next review date is April 2026

Policy Statement

KingsGate School is committed to working towards achieving a high standard of education for all pupils, a balanced curriculum with equitable opportunities for all students in accordance with its Mission Statement and national guidelines.


The assessment and evaluation of student achievement is the means of gathering information needed as the basis for:

1. Improving student learning

2. Detecting barriers to student learning and demonstrating progress towards overcoming these identified barriers.

3. Improving the school’s teaching and learning programmes.

4. Reporting individual student progress and levels of achievement to students, parents, caregivers and future teachers and schools.

5. Reporting accumulated student data to the BOT and Ministry of Education as required.

6.Professional development and school review.

Procedural Guidelines

Monitor student progress against national Achievement Objectives, class objectives, external standardised tests and personal achievement goals as appropriate.

Maintain up-to-date personal files for each student which illustrates different levels of achievement as progression is made.

Identify learning needs and barriers to achievement so resources where available can be effectively targeted.

Identify students with additional needs so effective support where possible can be provided and IEPs can be developed.

Encourage student self-assessment and self-evaluation as appropriate to student age.

Monitor the effectiveness of teaching programmes and identify areas requiring improvement and/or staff development.

Cumulate and analyse data to monitor junior, middle and senior school-wide trends, patterns and levels of achievement.

Report to parents and caregivers on individual student achievement.

Report regularly to the BOT.

Report to the MoE as required.

Recording of Assessment

Student workbooks and projects.

Records of the current year’s assessment of each class are held by each class teacher. Appropriate data is transferred to eTap.


Cumulated Data Records

The school maintains eTap data management system to allow year-to-year comparisons and regular monitoring and reporting to the BOT and MoE.

Access to Information on Student Achievement

Records of individual student’s progress will remain confidential to authorised personnel only. Refer to Privacy Act 1993. Access to accumulated data will be available to the BOT.

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