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The South-East Christian Learning Community nurtures a faith-based education across South and Eastern Schools and provides a strong pathway for achievement for our learners. Forward in faith we will work collaboratively together, sharing our ideas, best practice and inquiries to ensure relevant outcomes for our students' futures. We are building on pre-existing relationships formed through moderation practices, professional learning and the Eastern Learning Network to engage our communities and strengthen partnerships.


Since the inception of the Kahui Ako the schools in our community (Elim Junior School, Elim Christian College, ourselves, Our Lady Star of the Sea, St Marks Catholic Primary School, Sancta Maria Catholic Primary School, Sancta Maria College) have been working together  to create a Christ centred Kahui Ako.


We are committed to the Treaty of Waitangi and honour the principles of partnership, protection and participation within our multi-cultural community.  With 5 primary schools and 2 full colleges, our South-East Christian Kahui Ako motto "Forward in Faith Together" shows that our faith and values underpin all that we do. Our schools will work together to provide seamless, high quality education from primary to secondary. Our intention is to make opportunities for young people in our community to learn in new and different ways ensuring future success for all. Relational trust underpins  our collaborative working relationships. High expectations are integral to our learning community. 

Within School Lead  Teacher Appointment

We are pleased to announce that Peter Clark has been appointed our "Within School Lead" teacher representative to the Kahui Ako . 

The purpose of this role is to: 

  • Contribute to raising student achievement through support for professional learning 
  • Expand on career opportunities which allow teachers to use and develop their professional leadership skills while remaining in the classroom
  • Promote best teaching practice within a school
  • Strengthen the use of an inquiry approach to teaching and learning to achieve the shared achievement objectives. 

The staff and students look forward to working alongside Mr Clark in 2019!


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