School Uniform and Appearance

The KingsGate uniform (pictured) is stocked by Jan’s Uniform Shop, in Pukekohe. For inquiries, please see the staff at shop. Jan’s Uniform Shop 19 Manukau Road Pukekohe Phone: 09 239 1310


Jan’s Uniform Shop may not be able to stock the correct polar fleece jersey for your son/daughter, if this is the case then one can be purchased from the school. The sports uniform T-shirt, worn for physical education and school sports, is also available from Jan’s Uniform Shop. Black sports shorts of any type are to be worn with the T-shirt can be purchased from a clothing store of your own choice.


Wearing a uniform and wearing it correctly promotes an appreciation of equity and provides a common social base from which students can start their learning. It promotes a sense of belonging to the school and to one another and is a practical means for identifying the school within the wider community. 


School footwear is black, leather-look, lace-up shoes, with knee-length navy socks. Boys’ socks fold-over at the top, whereas girls’ socks do not. The correct socks are available from Jan’s Uniform Shop. Students have the option of wearing black or navy sandals in the summer terms, rather than shoes and socks. High-heeled or decorated shoes, jandals or scuffs (with no back) are not appropriate for school.

Hair, Jewellery & Makeup

Hairstyles are expected to be tidy, with hair kept its natural colour. Long hair must be tied back with navy, royal blue, black, or white hair ties, for hygiene reasons and to prevent the spread of head lice. Nail polish and make up are not to be worn to school. Jewellry is not to be worn at school unless it is for a specific purpose (eg. purity ring, family taonga) and permission is sought in advance from the principal.


Because KingsGate is a Sun Smart School, school sunhats (available from The Uniform Shoppe) are compulsory for all students in the summer terms.