Teacher Vacancy 1

2022: Fulltime , Permanent Years 6 to 8 in a FLE

About the Position

All the staff here at KingsGate appreciate your interest in this position. This position is exceptional as it offers the successful candidate the opportunity to join our foundational team of Christian educators as we transition to our beautiful new school in 2022.  As you can see from the pictures, our teachers and learners will be transitioning into Flexible Learning Environments. Therefore, any applicant must share the same desire to expand their professional practice and embrace the relationships, learning opportunities, and mindsets that teaching in FLEs require. If you want to teach in a traditional classroom, then this position isn't for you, but if you want to join a team on the Christian teachers who embracing  FLE pedagogy, then this is your opportunity to do just that!


What We're Looking for in a Teacher

These are some of the qualities that KingsGate teachers should have. A KingsGate teacher...

  • Is a practicing Christian who loves God and all His creations.
  • Has love for others as the foundation of their professional practice.
  • Knows the importance of servant leadership and is willing to develop it as part of their practice.
  • Is willing to embrace Christian Service Learning as part of their practice.
  • Understands the fruits of the spirit dictates the growth of their relationships with students, parents and staff. 
  • Embraces change and views it as an opportunity to develop their professional practice.
  • Is excited about new possibilities in education.
  • Can work as part of a cohesive team.
  • Is friendly, has a sense of humour and is generally just a top person to be around. 

The Appointment Timeline

We appreciate that this is a very busy time of year for many teachers looking for different employment opportunities so to aid you in your time frames you will see our appointments timeline below.

  • Applications open on the 27th of September .
  • Applications close on the 22nd of October.
  • Shortlisted and non-shortlisted applicants will be notified via email of the outcome of their application.
  • Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed on the 30th of October.
  • The successful applicant will be signed to the school between the 1st and 5th of November.
  • Unsuccessful interviewees will be notified once the successful applicant has signed but no later than the 5th of November.

What You Need to do to Complete the Application

We have moved to an online format for all our applications. This is simply part of our strategic plan to digitize many aspects of our administration.  

  • Have a good look around our website and Facebook page. Get to know us a little. 
  • Make sure you have read and agree with our Statement of Faith.
  • Make sure you read our guide on "What makes a great application for KingsGate School". 
  • Read the FAQs below to help give you clarity on some questions that are frequently asked. 
  • Make sure you have your covering letter and CV at hand and ready to upload as you will need to do this in section five.
  • Take a moment to look through the application form below and have all the information required ready for entry into the form.
  • Set aside some time to complete the application. It must be completed in one sitting as it does not allow you to save sections.

Your Questions Answered

There's always questions applicants have about positions that are advertised so we have answered what we think might be the top five for this position. If you have any other questions we encourage you to email the principal and ask. He is always more than willing to help out.

  • Do I need to have experience teaching in a Christian State-Integrated school? No. Most of our teachers have come from the state sector or had state-sector experience. We have all learned how to develop our professional practice to align with the school's special character.
  • Do I need to be a Christian to apply for this role? Yes. As part of our deed of integration, all our teachers must be practicing Christians.
  • Is the position suitable for a Beginning Teacher? Yes. We firmly believe in placing the best person in any of our roles. We have great mentors on our staff, so being a BT is not an problem.
  •  Do I need experience in teaching in Flexible Learning Environments to apply? No. Most of our teachers currently don't have the first-hand experience with this but are learning about it. If you did have FLE experience, great! But not having FLE experience wouldn't count against you in the application process.
  •  How many teachers will be in my LIFE space? Initially, there will be two teachers. You will become the foundation team for Kahikatea Tahi Life Space and join Mr Peter Clark as the initial teacher of our Senior School.

The Online Application Form

Please allow a couple of seconds for the application form to load.

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