Covid 19 Information  - Alert Level 2: Monday 31st August

Dear parents and caregivers


As you may be aware by now it is anticipated that Auckland will be returning to Level 2 on Monday the 31st August

which means schools will be reopening for all students to attend.


Entering into Level 2 is not foreign to us as we successfully managed and navigated our way through it earlier in the year

but I thought it a good idea to remind you of a few procedures that we as a school followed last time and will follow

again. Please remember at this level procedures may differ from school to school but that we have in place what is best

suited to protect our students from any potential transmission of Covid 19 and also procedures that will successfully

re-engage our students with their learning.


So with the above in mind please re-acquaint yourself with KingsGate's Covid Alert Level 2 Procedures

  • School gates will not be open until 8:20am and will close again at 8:45am Therefore parents are asked to drop off their children between these times and not before.
  • Students will enter the school using separate gates. The Junior Gateway (rooms 3 and 4) will enter school using the main school gate. The Middle Gateway (rooms 1 and 2) will enter the school using the gate on Montgomery Avenue. The Senior Gateway (room 5) will enter the school using the gate down the driveway.
  • Parents are not to come onto the school property to drop-off or pick up students but rather farewell and pick-up from outside the gates keeping in mind their social distancing from other families who will be doing the same.
  • Students are required to go straight to their classrooms after drop-off.
  • The playground will not be open before school starts or at the conclusion of the school day.
  • Each Gateway will have separate morning tea times and lunchtimes.
  • Before exiting and re-entering a classroom students will be required to sanitize their hands.
  • At the end of the school day students will leave through the school gates they entered by.
  • If a parent requires entry to the school property during the school day the must sign in using the QR code which will be attached to the main school gate or if they do not have the NZ Covid Tracer App they must remain at the school gate and ring Mrs Woodham in the school office who will come and meet you. On Friday the 28th of August classroom teachers will still set online learning tasks for their students however they will be using the day to prepare themselves for re-engaging in face-to-face learning the following Monday.

Three items of important note

  • If your child is sick or has cold or flu-like symptoms simply do not send them to school. Your child’s teacher will be monitoring the health of their students and if they feel your child is presenting with signs of cold or flu you will be called and asked to pick up your child immediately from school.
  • If there is any change to this anticipated move in Alert Levels I will inform you as soon as practicable as to what that means for our KingsGate community.
  • Where and when possible please continue to encourage your child to engage in their online learning with their classroom teacher each day. Parents, you are doing a fine job and we encourage you to stay the course.

If you need any further assistance please contact your child’s teacher, Mrs Woodham or myself depending on the

nature of your query or concern.

Go well and God bless you all.

Jared Stein - KingsGate School Principal

Covid 19 Information- Alert Level 3

Auckland region moved to Alert Level 3 at 12 noon on Wednesday 12 August 2020 whilst the rest of New Zealand moved to Alert Level 2. This will remain in place until Wednesday the 26th of August. At Alert Level 3 students are strongly encourage to learn from home. KingsGate can safely open for children who need to attend, and particularly children of parents and caregivers of essential workers but will have limited capacity due to the disease is not contained. Level 3 presents a high risk environment. 


If, as a parent or caregiver, you are required to go to work at Alert Level 3 and you cannot place your child in an social bubble of friends or family then please contact our school principal, Jared Stein at and he will discuss with you the services the school can provide for your son, daughter or family member. We urge you to look towards your own family or friends bubbles first before sending your child to school as this limits pathways the virus may be able to travel. A child sent to school at Alert Level 3 widens the risks of inadvertently spreading the virus to multiple social bubbles and that is a risk we wish to avoid if at all possible. 

Online Learning 17th August - 26th August

As of Monday the 17th of August all KingsGate School students will re-engage in either online learning or will have received hard-copy learning material from school.  Online learning is not new to us as a school community and we are prepared and ready to go.  Please see below the relevant weekly schedule for your child. 


Note: Please keep in mind that on Monday the 17th of August teachers will be contacting all students who are online to make sure their connection is neat and clear. We will do any troubleshooting required if anything presents itself that day. 

Junior Gateway


Middle Gateway


Senior Gateway


Covid-19 Interactive Map New Zealand has had a substantial overhaul over the last few days. It now prioritises Active Cases over Total Cases as this is a more relevant stat as we near the end of the lockdown. MOH has also just released recovery information on a regional level - which means we can now get a really good grasp on how each region is improving.

Public Health Requirements

If people are sick, they should stay home (phone Healthline or their GP if they have COVID-like symptoms and get tested if advised to do so): 

  • If students are onsite KingsGate staff are to observe students on arrival checking for symptoms and asking those presenting as unwell to go home or arrange for parents and caregivers to come and pick up. Please note, this does not mean that temperatures will  be taken.
  • The KingsGate School principal has the authority to preclude any student from attending school if they believe on reasonable grounds the student may have a communicable disease. This is permitted under section 19 of the Education Act.
  • The KingsGate School principal will contact the local medical officer of health if there are any concerns about someone believed on reasonable grounds to be ill, refusing to stay away.
  • All staff and student will adhere to best practice hygiene measure and will wash and dry hands their hands, cough into elbow, and avoid touching their faces . Hand sanitizer will be available at every main classroom doorway  and will be required to be used by staff and students upon both exit and entry into the classroom. 

Support Is Available For You

A reminder that Healthline continues to be available to support anyone who might be experiencing symptoms or who has been asked to self-isolate - call for free on 0800 358 5453.