Board of Trustees - Knowledge Hub

As a trustee, anything that can inform us about our role and to be able to support our processes and decisions making is valuable. Professional development opens us up to new possibilities and new ways of thinking.

We live in an ever developing world of knowledge; our aim is for all us to be "life-long learners", just like our tamariki in our school.

In this knowledge hub you will find our learning sorted into four governance areas. Just click in the area you want and then select  the appropriate modules you would like to do  

Board of Trustees Resources

A Framework for Self- Review

Accelerating the Progress of Priority Learners and Self Review Framework

School Trustees Booklet -Helping You Ask
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Community Member Guide to the Role of t
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A Parents Guide to the Role of the Board
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Hautu - BoT Cultural Responsivness.pdf
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Effective School Evaluation.pdf
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BoT Self Review Tool.pdf
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Board Meetings - Governance Support Mat
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