KingsGate School Board of Trustees

The School is governed by a parent-elected Board of Trustees. Its proprietor (responsible for special character, land, buildings and capital development) is the New Zealand Christian Proprietor’s Trust (the NZCPT). The NZCPT provides the property to the school through KingsWay Trust.

Chris Hills

Board Chairman

Parent Elected Trustee


Jared Stein



Aaron Snook

Parent Elected Trustee

Deputy Chairman

William Haverland

Parent Elected Trustee

 Michelle Peilua 

Parent Elected Trustee


Sara Jensen

Parent Elected Trustee


Grant Lemin

Proprietors Representative


Philippa Isom

Proprietors Representative


Warren Peat

Proprietors Representative


Anna-Sofia Filer

Staff Elected Representative


Governance Strategic Overview

        The Board of Trustees governs KingsGate School to ensure the needs of these primary areas are addressed:

Christian Character

World View

All learning in the school is to be presented in a way that reflects the special character of the school.

Parent Partnership

The school exists to support Christian parents to educate the children from a Christian worldview. The home-school relationship will be given priority at all times.

Organisation and Growth

Professional Development

Staff are provided with exceptional professional development to ensure they can provide effective teaching and learning experiences in the classroom, cover all aspects of the New Zealand Curriculum and enable students to reach the appropriate National Standards in learning.


Property and resources will be managed in a healthy and safe way, giving priority to areas that are identified in the Strategic Plan of the school.

Teaching and Learning

A high standard of education is to be provided by the school in all areas of learning

Data Collection and Analysis

Appropriate assessment is to be used to inform teacher planning, identify students who require special assistance and to provide feedback for parents.


Special consideration will be given to students who fall into these categories when teaching and learning systems are developed.

Literacy and Numeracy

Priority will be given to the teaching and learning of numeracy and literacy, especially for students in Years 0-4. Effective teaching practice and pedagogy will be used. Students achievement will be carefully monitored and needs arising will be addressed.