Our People

Teaching Staff


Mr Stein is our school's principal. He is in the office 5 days a week but likes to do his work at the coal face too so you'll see him teaching across the classrooms when he's given the chance.  He is a keen servant-leader  and is always looking at ways to develop the strengths in others and of others within a framework of Christian care and faithful obedience. 

Email: principal@kingsgate.school.nz 

 Deputy Principal and Senco

 Miss Tetley - Jones is our school's deputy principal and SENCO. 2021 sees Miss TJ enter engage with school administrative duties  fulltime as she helps the Senior Leadership team prepare the school for the transition to our new site in 2022.  Miss TJ has a strong Christian faith which has been developed since she was a child.

Email: rachel@kingsgate.scool.nz

Puriri Teacher and Lead Teacher for Literacy

Mrs Farley has taught many generations of Christian students here at KingsGate and continues to provide the sound foundations of learning on which all our students rely.  To this day she continues to weave a beautiful Christian worldview into her curriculum delivery, making the world come alive for those new to Christian schooling. 

Email: johanne@kingsgate.school.nz

Puriri Teacher and Lead Teacher for School Sports

 Mrs Labuschagne is a most wonderful Christian teacher who has a real and obvious passion for guiding the youngest in our school. Originally from South Africa, Mrs L. brings a  wonderful synthesis of cultures to our classrooms and staff-room. Her faith in Christ is always evident in her relationship with class and parents.

Email: elosie@kingsgate.school.nz

Totara Teacher

Mrs Hegan is new to us this year and will be  leading learning in with our Year 4's. Mrs Hegan is an experienced teacher who has a wonderful passion and talent for the material arts and is keen to identify the talents in her students too! She has a boundless love for the Lord which she also shares with the children at her local church.  

Email: laura@kingsgate.school.nz

Totara Teacher and Pasifika Community Liaison

Ms Yelchich is an experienced teacher and and has walked in the Christian faith for many years, as she still does joyfully today. She is a highly skilled teacher with a passion for literacy.  She brings the experiences from her Christian walk into the classroom and models lifelong learning as an educator and follower of Christ to her students. 

Email: gina@kingsgate.school.nz

Kahikatea Teacher

Mr Clark is our Room 1 senior classroom teacher. Mr Clark teaches 5 days a week and is a wonderful role model for all our students as they  start their transitional years on into High School. On a personal note he is a a keen runner and passionate about delivering a unique brand of Christian education to the kids here at KingsGate School.

Email: peter@kingsgate.school.nz

School Support Staff

School Office Manager

Mrs Woodham is best considered the beating heart of our school.  Although always a busy lady in her duties she embraces our servant leadership identity and is always willing and happy to serve others. If you're new to the school, Mrs Woodham will often be  your first port of call. 

Email: admin@kingsgate.school.nz

Teacher Aide and Lead Person for ESOL

Mrs Hart is a talented teacher aide whose skills are used across the school. Her main roles are to develop our ESOL students confidence in English and provide in-class support for our additional needs students. Mrs Hart brings a kind and caring Christian nature into her daily working life and all her relationships throughout the school.

Teacher Aide

Miss Breytenbach plays an important role in Room 3 as a teacher aide. Her love for, and desire to make a difference in the lives of God's children sees her working alongside Mrs Farley  in providing the wonderful opportunities for all of Room 3 students to learn in a Christian and God centred environment. 

 Teacher Aide

Mrs Van Wijk has a passion for working with and helping children achieve their goals and discovering new and interesting things about themselves.  She has a loving and caring nature that she shares with all the children she works with  and uses her Christian values and faith to support and guide all the students in her care. 

Teacher Aide

Mrs Nienaber is mum of 3 boys  and has been in New Zealand 2 and a half years now. She loves New Zealand and it’s people and has been with Kingsgate almost a year. She loves to help people but more than that she loves working with kids to help them  reach their true potential and strengths . She is God-led and continues to follow the pathways He has for her.