Watch the video below! It is a superb example home learning. It illustrates a growth mindset in our students and shows the connection being made between home and school. (This video was made at home!)

Years 0 &1 - Room 3

Room 3 is taught by our teacher Mrs Farley. We are pretty lucky to have Mrs Farley as our teacher as she knows a lot about teaching kids like us, the youngest in the school, and she also knows loads about being a good Christian. We love the way Mrs Farley makes our learning fun! We love the singing and playing games and learning about amazing things that happened in the Bible. We think Mrs Farley is pretty cool and is giving us the best start to our learning we could ever ask for. Thanks Mrs Farley!

Best Bear was made this year, 2020.

Best Bear is made up of all the best parts of Room 3 kids.

Best Bear was knitted by Mrs Farley, Room 3 teacher.

Year 2 & 3 - Room 4

We are very privileged in Room 1 to be taught by Mrs Labuschagne. Mrs Labuschagne is not new to teaching  as she has taught at play-centres before and we love that fact because she always gets us really involved in our learning and she gets involved too. It's always fun when she joins in! We love Mrs Labuschagne because she is such a good Christian role model for us as well. She prays with us and for us and it shows she really cares about each one of us in Room 1. We love hearing about stories from the Bible and enjoy sitting and listening to her as she reads. You would love it here with us!

Years 3 and 4 - Room 5

We have 2 wonderful Christian teachers that led us our leaning. They are Miss Tetley-Jones (or Miss T.J as we like to call her) and Mrs Filer. They looks after everyone in our classroom with love and care and make everyone feels as though they are part of special family in Room 4...because we are! They are great teachers because they help us with all the things we don't know but they also helps us find out things for ourselves and we like that because we know as we move up the classrooms at KingsGate that this is a skill we will need to have. We really like Miss T.J and Mrs Filer too because they are great Christian role models. We love the way they treat us with kindness and respect and the way they make the Bible come to life with their stories,  their songs and at our devotion times. We think they're the greatest! We're blessed to have them both and you will be too if you come to KingsGate. Hope to see you soon!

Years 5 and 6 - Room 2

Room 2 is taught by Ms Yelchich, or Ms Y as we like to call her. Ms Y's job is to prepare us for  the senior classroom so she likes to encourage us to be more independent in our work and to take some well considered risks with our learning.  We're a bunch of awesome kids and we know we're very lucky to have Ms Y as our teacher. You can tell she loves Christ with all her heart as she treats us with kindness, care and honesty. She always has our best intentions at heart and takes an interest in the things we're interested in too, like soccer and orienteering just for example. One of the best things we like about Ms Y is that she always has a smile for us. If we're happy she smiles with us and if we're feeling sad she'll smile for us until we're ready to join her again. So why don't you come and join us in Ms Y's class here at KingsGate. You really should be with us!

Artwork from the pupils in Room 2

Years 7 and 8 - Room 1

Room 1 is the senior classroom and we are taught by Mr Clark. Our room is really all about getting us ready to go on to high school so Mr Clark's job is to make sure we are prepared academically and emotionally. He also helps us to make sure that we walk the Christian pathway that God has planned for us and he works to develop us into courageous servant leaders like Jesus was. In class our work is eclectic and we cover the curriculum in fun and engaging ways. Sports and opportunities outside the classroom are never to far away in our classroom as well. If you're looking for a great senior school teacher and an amazing pathway into high school then you should really be with us!

Artwork from the students in Room 1